We’ve got the backs with the pace, the forwards with the drive, When Andy says go get ’em, we really come alive!

The Wanneroo Districts Rugby Union Club was formed by the amalgamation of the Sorrento and Wanneroo Clubs in April 1981. The amalgamation was the catalyst for the club building new clubrooms at the Kingsway Sporting Complex in 1983, and making it’s first Finals appearance in 1985.


Since then we have hosted players from around the world who have made Perth their home. In the eighties and early nineties the majority of players were of either New Zealand or British origin but more recently, through the clubs policy of encouraging locals to start playing with the junior club, we now have a mix of many nations.


The nineties saw the club have varied success until 1997 when the First Grade won both the Minor and Major Premierships, the Second Grade playing in the Grand Final and the Third Grade also making the finals. Since then we have regularly made finals across the grades. In the new century the club went from strength to strength with two more Club Championships, numerous Premierships, Minor Premierships, and Grand Final and Finals appearances.




We have the largest Junior playing membership in Western Australia and have won the Junior Club Championship numerous times. The club has a policy of actively promoting Junior rugby in the area, and is reaping the rewards of that policy as we are now seeing a large number of ex-Juniors playing in the Senior grades.


Roo Dogs are we and Roo Dogs we will always be!

The following have been honoured with life membership. The club thanks them for their outstanding commitment:

  • D Hessels

  • L Harries

  • L Penny

  • L Beros

  • M Oliver P Burge

  • B Tiernan

  • K Bruce

  • D Warren G Williams

  • Mrs P Avey

  • C McCullough

  • F Newton

  • N Taylor

  • A.Ayling

  • B. Watt

  • B. Henley

  • Michael Johnston

  • Mrs S. Ayling

The club is grateful to our financial life members. Without their support we would not have the clubrooms we have today:

  • B Allen

  • K Bruce

  • P Burge

  • M Brazier

  • B Bothwell

  • N Baxter

  • C Benjamin

  • C Cummings

  • M Ellis

  • M Gimbey

  • R Henley

  • J Hyde

  • J Hearne

  • R Harris

  • P Hutchinson D Haraki

  • P Humber

  • H Irwin

  • R Johnson

  • J Johnson

  • M Jacobsen

  • P Kavanagh

  • D Lambourne

  • C McCullough

  • C McLelland

  • P Martin

  • B Mayall

  • D Moody

  • G Mifflin

  • J Newton F Newton

  • N Norrish

  • S Potts

  • B Potts

  • G Spanswick

  • S Seddon

  • M Smith

  • R Sinton

  • J Te Paa

  • D Taafe

  • J Thomas

  • A Villanova

  • H Wallace

  • G Williams

  • W.A. Slab City


Root, root, root for Wanneroo
Root, root, root for Wanneroo
You can root for kangaroos
Or the Wallabies and crew
But it’s better if you root for Wanneroo
Roo Dogs, Roo Dogs
Roo Dogs are we
And Roo Dogs we always will be
We’ve got the backs with the pace
The forwards with the drive
When Andy says go get ’em
We really come alive
Roo Dogs, Roo Dogs
Roo Dogs are we
And Roo Dogs we always will be
Oggi, Oggi, Oggi
Oi, Oi, Oi
Oggi, Oggi, Oggi
Oi, Oi, Oi
Wanneroo You Beauty!