Bill's match report

Joondalup Brothers v Wanneroo at Joondalup Arena 12th June 2021


1 James Brown

2 Scott Cornell

3 Andre Roux

4 Brad Campbell

5 Luke Callan

6 Andrew King (C)

7 Darcy Hinckley

8 Mark Cornell

9 Jared Deacon

10 Ethan Riley

11 Jordan Gratton

12 Porikapa Tukaki

13 Grason Makara

14 Jaylen Grey

15 Jeremy Wallace


16 Chase Geary

17 Hanno Van de Merwe

19 Stefano Launiuvao

20 Brayden Karangaroa

21 Rick Le Roux

22 Sylvo Iro

23 Baily Payne

25 Maui te Tama

The Roo Dogs welcomed back Brad Campbell and Luke Callan in the pack and Jaylen Grey in the back line for the ‘King of the North’ contest against our good neighbours and rivals Joondalup Brothers.

Joondalup on the other hand, are undermanned because of a mass exodus of senior players to other clubs in 2021.


The game started nervously with both teams testing each other with a bit of aerial ping pong. Then within minutes tragedy struck for Joondalup when their open side flanker, Ryan King, went down injured and had to leave the field.

We hope your injury isn’t too severe Ryan and you are back playing next week.

The game resumed with a Wanneroo line out from which the Dogs gave clean ball, only to see the ensuing pass skid past Ethan Reilly’s bootlaces. Ethan did well to pick it up, but he copped several Joondalup players at the same time. The Brothers earned the scrum feed, ran the ball at Wanneroo’s midfield and tried several attacking ploys, but the Dogs well organised and aggressive green defence stood firm.

Unable to break the line, the Blues were pressured into a hurried kick which enabled Wanneroo to counter attack. But the best laid plans gang aft agley, their efforts came to nothing and the game degenerated into scrappy play for a while.

That changed when Brad Campbell got the ball. He made a barnstorming run that had the Brothers in all sorts of strife and they had to commit a penalty to stop him. Wanneroo kicked for a line out. Hooker Scott Cornell, hit the jumper with his usual pin-point accuracy and the ball was popped off the top to ‘Geordie’ Jared Deacon. He whipped it out to Ethan who had time for a doozy little break before he fed Grason Makara. Grason then took centre stage and showed his class by scything through the entire Joondalup backline, plus multiple cover defenders in a sixty metre dash that ended with a try. Jordan added the bonus points.

Joondalup 0 – Wanneroo 7.

Ethan caught Joondalup’s drop out ball and hoofed it into touch. After a couple of ‘tit for tat’ penalties Wanneroo had a go up their left wing, before moving the point of attack to the midfield and then on to Jaylen ‘Skinny’ Grey who made a good 20 metres before being held. Joondalup took possession and then got a scrum feed, a penalty and a line out in quick succession. They toiled hard but couldn’t convert possession into points and the Dogs soon took over. They ran the ball wide right from a line out and had Joondalup in all sorts of strife. The greens power play earned them another line out that saw their backs sweep through the blue defenders and set the ball for their support. The forwards piled in and Luke Callan barged over for a try. Jordan added the two points.

Joondalup 0 – Wanneroo 14.

Joondalup were outclassed but still giving their all. They managed to create one good multi-phase break that was destroyed when Wanneroo captain Andrew King cheekily stole their ball. The Dogs were in control, but even though Joondalup were dominated in most aspects of play, their scrum was having some success. They were awarded a scrum feed on the Dogs 10 metre line and their cohesive shove resulted in a penalty against Wanneroo. Their ever-alert half back took a quick tap & go that caught the greens on the hop and his team responded with three driving phases of play that eventually earned them a pot at goal on the 22. They opened their account gratefully.

Joondalup 3 – Wanneroo 14.

The Roo Dogs were stung into action and Captain King showed his displeasure at the score with crunching tackle on a blue ball carrier. Jordan fielded a long kick and ran the ball back before giving it to Brad who carried it strongly and laid it back perfectly at the breakdown. From there it was fed out to prop, Andre ‘Beats’ Roux, who was doing his seagull act on the wing. He passed to Grason, who weaved his magic and danced his way almost to the try line before being stopped. The ref blew for holding and Joondalup breathed again.

After some inconsequential play, Wanneroo stepped their game up again. Kingy soared high in the line and gave a fast ball off the top. Porikapa Tukaki showed good skills and ran elusively before slipping a pass to Jordan. He maintained the momentum and released Ethan who hit Kingy with a short pass on the burst. Andrew showed his dexterity with a back of the hand flick pass to Jayden when he got tackled. Jaylen made more ground before chipping it into the 22 when he ran out of space. The Blue ball catcher got barrelled into touch and the Dogs got the line out.

Another precision throw by Scott saw Wanneroo set up a classic driving maul. Scott started the move and finished it off by latching onto the back of the drive and going over for a try that Jordan converted.

Joondalup 3 – Wanneroo 21.

The next score was the result of a comedy of errors. Joondalup managed to get into the Dogs red zone, courtesy of a penalty, when the ref pinged Wanneroo for an offence after players from both sides contested a high ball. Somehow two balls ended up on the pitch, near the try line, at the same time. Wanneroo waited for the refs whistle and Joondalup didn’t. They grabbed one of the balls and planted it over the try line. The ref ignored Wanneroo’s protests and awarded the try and the subsequent conversion.

Joondalup 10 – Wanneroo 21.

To their credit, the Roo Dogs put the score behind them and buckled down to business. A line out ball was sent to Ethan and in a dazzling display of teamwork he linked with Kingy, Porikapa, Jeremy Wallace and Skinny who all ran brilliantly and unselfishly. Skinny raced up his wing, instigating three powerful driving phases of play. Kingy secured the ball at the third phase and was backed up very quickly by Mark Cornell. He barged into the Joondalup defenders, sucked them in and set a ruck from which ‘Geordie’ Jared fed the ball to Ethan. He burrowed his way under a couple of stunned defenders to score a revenge try just before half time. Jordan added the chocolates.

HALF TIME: Joondalup 10 – Wanneroo 28.

After the restart Joondalup put themselves under unnecessary pressure, courtesy of a poor kick. ‘Geordie’ made them regret their mistake when he made a sniping break from a ruck, cut through the first line of defence and fed Luke on the gallop. Big bad Luke committed the next line of defence before passing to Skinny, who relished the opportunity to have a run. The green pack flooded after him into Joondalup’s 22 and created another three phases of punishing drives before Soul Brother Brown crashed over for a well-earned try. The conversion missed.

Joondalup 10 – Wanneroo 33.

The score increased when the green pack repeated their earlier work and set up a quality ball up for Grason, who made another impressive run and finished it off with a try.

Joondalup 10 – Wanneroo 38.

Wanneroo was in cruise control and dominating the game. At one stage they passed the ball from a ruck near the sideline to the winger, who just happened to be ‘Beats’ busy taking a break away from the mayhem. To the Wanneroo crowd’s delight (and no little amazement) our hero took the pill and minced his way upfield. He rounded off his Michael Jackson moonwalk impersonation with a perfect reverse pass to his support runners.

The green machine was in top gear, but suddenly slipped into overdrive to produce a memorable multi-handling team run that was appropriately finished off with a try by Captain Andrew King. Jordan resumed normal service.

Joondalup 10 – Wanneroo 45.

Soul Brother Brown and Brad were replaced by young Maui te Tama and Stefano (Rob) Launiuvao. The green machine resumed it’s relentless march when 'Geordie' Jared flipped a scrum ball out to Ethan, who linked up with Jordan and Porikapa (P). Their incisive running opened up huge gaps in the Joondalup defence and they finished off with ‘P’ planting the ball over the line for another converted try.

Joondalup 10 – Wanneroo 52.

Scott Cornell gave a repeat performance of his throwing accuracy at another line out and Brad emulated his skills with a fast ‘off the top’ pass to his backs. Ethan took the ball and ran it with perfect support from the other ‘Bruise Brother’ - Mark Cornell.

Mark’s robust running instigated another display of excellent team handling, with the ball going through many hands until it reached the hardworking Darcy Hinkley out wide. He carried it strongly, set it perfectly when he got tackled and Scott finished off another great team effort with his second try of the day.

Joondalup 10 – Wanneroo 57.

Joondalup appeared shell shocked, but they hadn’t thrown the towel in. They tried everything, but the green defence was impregnable. They used a line out ball to probe Wanneroo’s midfield, only to run into Mark Cornell.

They soon found out that Mark is a combo of a ‘rock and a hard place’. He is also brutal and ferocious in the tackle and Joondalup’s attack foundered on the rock.

The Brothers one source of possession, their scrum, gave them an attacking opportunity but once again they ran into an unforgiving and unyielding green tackle line. But their courage earned them a penalty and they took full advantage of it with another quick tap & go. Their ‘never say die’ attitude was rewarded with a converted try.

Joondalup 17 – Wanneroo 57.

I’m not sure if Wanneroo had gone off the boil, but I am sure that Joondalup were now having a purple patch.

The Brothers full back got the ball and took off on an exhilarating, mazey run that left six green defenders clutching at thin air. He was rewarded when the ref decided a Wanneroo player had hung onto the ball in the tackle. Joondalup scored from the resulting line out after a quick ten metre dash to the try line.

Joondalup 22 – Wanneroo 57.

Wanneroo lifted their intensity and took the game by the scruff of the neck, but they got a bit over eager and got penalised. Joondalup attempted to repeat their line breaking act, but the Dogs stood firm. Grason and Jaylen linked up in a passage of play that looked promising, until a Joondalup player got his hand in the way of a pass.

The ref awarded the scrum feed to Wanneroo, but Joondalup still held the whip hand there and shunted them backwards. Jared somehow managed to get the ball out to Sylvo on the wing who ran straight and hard to take the play forward for his team.

Kingy gave a demonstration of outstanding back row support play by racing to the breakdown, taking the ball and launching himself through Joondalup’s defensive line. His weaving run bamboozled the Blues and his endeavour was rewarded when Jared followed up and scored. Jordan converted.

FINAL SCORE: Joondalup 22 – Wanneroo 64

Congratulations to Wanneroo on a very good win that saw the Roo Dogs retain the ‘King of the North’ trophy.

Commiserations to our friends at Joondalup and we hope you get back to full strength soon.

I’d like to send my best wishes, and those of the whole club, to Sylvo Iro.

Sylvo took a couple of hits yesterday that resulted in a broken nose, stitched up chin and possible concussion.

His nose went in a front on tackle on a Joondalup ball carrier, but he just plugged it with Vaseline and carried on.

Shortly afterwards he was backing up a team-mate in another tackle which went awry.

And unfortunately, he copped his mate’s boot in the chin and that was that.

Sylvo is a club icon, who has ‘Been There’ and ‘Done That’ at the top level, and he is still doing it for Wanneroo.

He may of veteran age be on paper, but he still has the goods and is more than capable of playing first grade.

So far, he has racked up 92 first grade games and is very keen to join the Club Centurions.

We all want to celebrate that milestone with you Sylvo, so get well soon mate.

Bill Watt

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