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Updated: Jun 21



1 Andre Roux

2 Scott Cornell

25 Maui Te Tana

4 Luke Callan

5 Brad Campbell

6 Andrew King (C)

7 Darcy Hinkley

8 Mark Cornell

9 Jared Deacon

10 Ethan Riley

11 Baily Payne

12 Porikapa Tukaki

13 Jordan Grattan

14 Justin Talemaira

15 Jeremy Wallace


16 Jackson Merrey

17 James Brown

19 Setefano Launiuvoa

20 Luke Burnett

21 Brayden Karangaroa

22 Nathan Tahu

23 Robert Stortz

3 Hanno Van de Merwe

Today saw a welcome return to Kingsway by one of Wanneroo’s favourite sons Koiatu (KK) Koiatu. KK is the Bulls coach and an ex-Wanneroo 1st grade player and 1st grade coach.

Great to have you back KK.

The Bulls are renowned for their willingness, and ability, to run the ball from anywhere. They are the arch exponents of the old adage “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile”.


The game was only minutes old when Kalamunda stunned the Dogs with a perfect example of their modus operandi. Their left winger got a fast ball, saw space behind the green defence and ran hard into Wanneroo’s 22 where he drew the defender before executing a beautifully timed chip & chase. The ball landed and rolled over the green try line. Jared Deacon, raced back to cover and launched himself at the ball marginally in front of the Bull’s winger. They both claimed the touch down, but the ref awarded the try to the Bulls. The conversion missed.

Wanneroo 0 – Kalamunda 5

Kalamunda ran the drop out ball, but the Dogs ferocious defence forced them to kick. Wanneroo muffed an attacking opportunity with a knock on that gave Kala a scrum feed. The visitor’s tight head prop dropped the scrum, was penalised and Wanneroo kicked for a line out on Kala’s 22. The throw was well taken, and the ball sent out to Ethan Reilly who popped it to Porikapi Tukaki on the burst. He got quick support from his pack, who smashed their way forward through six punishing phases that ultimately saw Kalamunda penalised for offside. Jordan Grattan took an easy-peasy three pointer and Wanneroo were on the board.

Wanneroo 3 – Kalamunda 5

Jared caught the drop out ball and gave it to Ethan who belted it 50 metres downfield. Kala showed their willingness to run again, but Wanneroo had learned their lesson and closed them down. The humungous red prop tried to bully his way forward but was ignominiously decked by Scott Cornell. Wanneroo’s relentless pressure forced the Bulls to kick, but they missed touch and the Dog’s backs countered. They breached the first line of defence before feeding Captain Andrew King who had ran a good support line. Kingy was hemmed in, so he feinted to go one way before cutting loose in the opposite direction. He ghosted his way through more defenders and carried the ball strongly before feeding Ethan, who had followed him like a shadow. Ethan scored a lovely try that Jordan converted.

Wanneroo 10 – Kalamunda 5

Luke caught the drop out and the ball went to the ever-eager Baily Payne. He made good ground before passing to Darcy Hinkley, who carved up and made it to the half-way. Just when it was looking good, a loose pass gave Kala a scrum feed, but they didn’t get any benefit from it. Both teams traded penalties and Jordan had a shot at goal from 40 metres that just dropped short.

A green line out resulted in a perfect example of team play after Kingy claimed a high ball and set it for his pack. Andre (Beats) Roux and Maui Te Tana both made demolition derby runs that enabled Ethan and Porikapi to weave their magic. Scott Cornell & Co took the ball on and maintained the drive until Kala finally hurled enough bodies in to slow the green juggernaut. Scott presented a quality ball that Jared gave to Mark Cornell who resumed the onslaught. Beats and Brad Campbell followed his lead with another couple of massive hits. Unfortunately, this magnificent team attack ended when the ref penalised Wanneroo at the breakdown.

The game resumed at breakneck pace, with both teams using every weapon in their armoury. The Bulls backline had an excellent passage of running and passing that enthralled the crowd, but the Dogs got into their faces, denying them space and time. Their work paid off when they regained the ball and released Jeremy Wallace. His elusive running left four Bulls defenders bewildered before he passed to Ethan, who had trailed him all the way. Ethan stepped neatly inside the Bulls last defender to score and Jordan converted his try.

Wanneroo 17 – Kalamunda 5

Wanneroo were on fire and seemed unstoppable. Darcy leapt high for the drop out ball and seemed to get hit in the air, but he just ignored it and powered on. Brad took over when Darcy got stopped and he too made ground before laying the ball back. Ethan took it on, well supported by Kingy and then by Darcy again. Jordan was next in line, and he made it into the Bulls 22 where he set it up for another attempt at the try line. Ethan threw a wide pass to Baily, who finished off a very good bit of play with another five pointer. Mr Reliable, Jordan, added the bonus points.

Wanneroo 24 – Kalamunda 5

Kalamunda set up a good looking attack, but their ball carrier was harassed by Scott and forced to kick for touch. Livewire Darcy ran the ensuing line out ball, well supported by Beats and then Jordan who took off for the try line. Justin (Juddy) Talemaira linked up with him and finished off by scoring a try out wide in the left corner. A superb strike from the sideline by Jordan added two points.

Wanneroo 31 – Kalamunda 5

Kalamunda could have been excused if they had packed up and gone home. But they are fighters and that’s definitely not their style. Their number 8 broke from a scrum and made ground to his right. Wanneroo stopped him, but his support runners kept the ball alive and attacked through the midfield. Porikapa & Jordan did well to stop them but gave a penalty away in doing so. Kala opted for the line out and used their throw in to feed the ball quickly to their left wing who had a bit of space near the sideline. Scott got across and went low for the tackle, but the winger managed to squeeze past to score. There was doubt as to whether he managed to touch the ball down or if it went loose, but the ref awarded the try and it was converted.

Wanneroo 31 – Kalamunda 12

Wanneroo resumed their outstanding pressure play and earned a penalty when they shunted the Bull’s scrum. Ethan kicked for the line out where Kingy soared high, claimed the ball and set the driving maul. Kala managed to slow the greens momentum, so the Dogs pack decided to hit the ball up. Beats went first, Brad maintained the drive and Darcy finished it off with a try. Jordan kicked another pearler of a conversion.

Wanneroo 38 – Kalamunda 12


After the restart Kalamunda took the game to Wanneroo, with their forwards hitting up in the No 1 channel outside the ruck. Their No 8 had a dash from a line out but he couldn’t penetrate the green wall and the ball was kicked long to Jordan. He ran it back and set it up after the tackle. Beats and Maui both carried the ball powerfully in a gangbang double act that created enough space for their backs to have a go. Their quick handling seemed to fluster Kalamunda and the ref penalised them for offside. Jordan popped an easy three pointer over the black dot.

Wanneroo 41 – Kalamunda 12

Kala was a bit wobbly but wouldn’t lie down and gradually began to rebuild their game. Their inside backs made some progress, until Brad spoiled their party and Wanneroo ended up with a line out. Luke took Scott’s throw in, gave the ball to Jared on a plate and he popped it to Kingy on the burst. Andrew fed Porikapa and he passed to Mark who had Beats breathing fire up his bum. Somehow, the Bulls managed to stop the charge and seemed to gain in confidence from doing so.

The ref awarded a scrum feed on the halfway to Kala. Their Number 8 ran from the base before feeding his full back who kicked for touch. But the ball fell short, Darcy caught it and ran it back only to be penalised in the tackle. The Bulls kicked for a line out and took their own throw in easily, but they made a hash of setting the ball up and knocked on. Wanneroo got the scrum feed on their own five metre line, only to get pushed back and penalised. Kala repeated the line out option, but this time they got it right when they set the drive. Their lock peeled off and hit the ball up before feeding his centre, who saw a gap in the green line and went through it for a well organised, converted try.

Wanneroo 41 – Kalamunda 19

The Roo Dogs appeared to have gone off the boil while Kalamunda were resurgent, and the pattern and tempo of the game changed for a while. Wanneroo made a couple of unforced errors and the Bulls started to run the ball well. Although the Dogs were still strong in the tackle, they gave Kala a bit too much room. The Bulls were awarded a line out throw and their middle jumper took the ball. He set it well, organised the drive perfectly and Kalamunda marched over for the simplest of tries.

Wanneroo 41 – Kalamunda 26.

The game resumed with Kalamunda’s scrum dominant and their backs making some good runs. The Dogs weren’t playing badly, but they had become a bit disjointed and their intensity had dropped. The next ten minutes or fifteen minutes, saw both sides make good breaks and forceful runs without either of them being able to dominate the other. It was a nervous time.

After some inconclusive play, the Bulls attacked Wanneroo’s midfield and it took fierce tackles by Ethan, Scott and Beats to hold them at bay. Then suddenly Scott stole a Kalamunda ball and the game changed. The ball went out to Setefano (Rob) Launiuvoa, who charged into the Bulls with good support from Ethan and Jordan. They set the breakdown ball for replacement scrum half Robert Stortz who whipped it out smartly to Beats. His punishing run was matched by Brad and then by Kingy before the ball was set up again. Robert made a darting break before laying the ball back for Ethan Reilly. Ethan ran well before being tackled, but he managed to stand in the tackle and keep the ball alive whilst looking for a runner. He was rewarded when Baily Paine raced up, took the pass and breached Kalamunda’s defence to score a fine try. Jordan’s conversion attempt went wide.

Wanneroo 46 – Kalamunda 26.

Wanneroo had survived a nervous period, regrouped and come out on top again. The rejuvenated green pack surged forward and released Jeremy Wallace, who beat his man and passed to Jordan. He gave the ball to Bailey who chipped it over the defenders, regathered and gave it back to Jeremy to finish off a spectacular move with a well-deserved try. Jordan kicked the conversion.

Wanneroo 53 – Kalamunda 26.

Kalamunda tried a midfield break, but their ball carrier was driven backwards by Rob Setefano. A couple of phases later, the ref penalised Kalamunda on the halfway line and Jordan gave his team a breather by attempting a 50-metre goal. He struck the ball well, but it ran out of legs.

The high drop out was well taken by Rob Setefano, but a Kalamunda player launched himself into Rob with a no arms shoulder tackle and got rewarded with a red card.

Beets, who was playing out of his skin, stole a Kalamunda line out ball which was passed out to Rob Setafano. Another Kalamunda player hit him so hard you could hear the whack across the other side of the field. Rob did the worst thing that player could have expected – He smiled at him. Nice one Rob.

The game continued with the Bulls still trying desperately to get another score. They made two valiant, multi-phase attacks, but Wanneroo held firm and finished with style.


Player of the day: Andre Roux

Congratulations to the Roo Dogs on another good win that keeps the finals in sight.

At half time captain Andrew King told his team that they have a habit of dropping their intensity for a short time in the second half. How prophetic that turned out to be.

But, to their credit, the team worked really hard to resume normal service.

I’d like to thank the whole team for the way they approach games, how they play and how they integrate with each other. Theirs isn’t just a 15-man team. The bench players are an equal, essential and integral part of the team. Just as the coaching and management staff are.

Wanneroo prems are not the finished article – yet,

But Ian, Lofty, Joe, Matt and Jonesy are doing a great job. It is obvious that the team is gradually making the necessary improvements that will take them to the next level.

Bill Watt

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