BILL'S MATCH REPORT 10th July 2021

WANNEROO v ARKS at Kingsway 10th July 2021

WANNEROO - Starting fifteen

16 Jackson Merrey

2 Scott Cornell

3 James Brown

4 Luke Burnett

5 Setefano Launiuvau

6 Jordan Templeton

7 Darcy Hinkley

8 Brayden Karangaroa

9 Jared Deacon

10 Ethan Reilly (C)

11 Bailey Payne

12 Porikapi Tukaki

13 Jordan Grattan

14 Jaylen Grey

15 Jeremy Wallace


1 Marcus Cutler

17 Andrew King

19 Andre Roux

20 Michael Lovie

21 Nathan Tahu

22 Justin Talemaira

23 Robert Stortz

24 Michael Bailey

A whole raft of changes to the Roo Dogs squad included the return of prop Marcus (Nemo) Cutler.

Marcus injured his hand early in the season and it left him with a limp wrist.

The boys nicknamed him Nemo because he had a dodgy fin too.

Players out today:

Mark Cornell joined Brad Campbell, Mauie Te Tana, Kyle Seear, Sylvo Iro, Hanno van de Merwe, and Chaise Geary on the injured list. Luke Callan, Ollie Callan and Grason Makera are unavailable. Andrew King and Andre Roux were benched to allow them some recovery time.


Both teams started with great intensity, but nervous errors just saw them trade penalties and scrum feeds in the opening minutes. After some rubbishy tit for tat play, ARKS had a crack at the Dogs midfield from a line out. Wanneroo coped comfortably and earned a scrum feed into the bargain. Then, to add insult to injury for ARKS, the Dogs destroyed their set piece and the ref penalised them. Wanneroo used the penalty to perfection by moving the ball quickly to Jaylen (Skinny) Grey out wide, and he raced over for the opening try. Jordan Grattan’s conversion just missed.


James Brown ran ARKS drop out ball straight back at them. Jared gave the breakdown ball to Setefano (Rob) Launiuvau, who linked with Ethan Reilly for a run that was carried on by ‘T’. He passed to Jackson Merrey who copped a nasty neck tackle that laid him out and ended his day in the sun. Marcus (Nemo) Cutler replaced him and the ARKS tackler was yellow carded.

Wanneroo responded with consecutive phases of play that were linked together by Jared Deacon. He fed Darcey who sucked in ARKS defence and set the ball up, ‘T’ got the next ball and made ground before Jared popped the ball to James for another crash. Luke Burnett got the next ball and carried it strongly before feeding Marcus who barged his way forward and set a ruck ball that Jared gave to Ethan about 10 metres from ARKS try line. Ethan stepped his way inside the shredded remnants of ARKS defence to score. Jordan kicked the conversion.


Scott Cornell called for the drop out ball and drove low into several ARKS players. Rob did a pick & go and his run was emulated by Luke from the breakdown. Jared passed the ball left where quick hands got it out to Skinny. He made a scything run and as he got closed down, he chipped the ball behind the defence for Jeremy Wallace to run onto. Jeremy finished off with a try that Jordan converted.


There was barely time to take a breath before Wanneroo resumed their onslaught. The ball went crossfield to Jordan (Jandals) Templeton on the left wing. He ran for the line and somehow fooled ARKS and his own team at the same time. Jandals is ‘vertically challenged’ and has trouble seeing over tall things. So, as he ran, he held the ball above his head like a wine waiter with a tray, ready to pop it over the red defenders to his support. I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, but he bamboozled everybody by bobbling it about in the air while continuing to run and he scored a spectacular try. Jordan added the bonus points with a kick from the sideline.


Wanneroo was in complete control, with their back line players having a field day. Ethan instigated another attack that resulted in Jordan making a break before chipping the ball to the middle of the park. ARKS tried to counterattack but they only managed to turn the ball over and Darcey took possession. He raced towards the posts and palmed off a would-be defender to score. Once again, Jordan converted.


ARKS were being thrashed but made valiant attempts to try and break through Wanneroo’s defence. Their grit saw them win a penalty that they kicked for the line in the Dogs 22. Bailey Paine dashed their hopes by leaping high and tapping the ball back into play. Jeremy Wallace kicked it upfield, where ARKS had a second bite of the cherry. Their endeavours were rewarded with another penalty from which they took a tap & go that foundered on the Roo Dogs savage defence.

The Dogs got a scrum feed on their own 22 and Brayden Karangaroa did a pick and go from the base. He ran and fed Jared whose low pass to Jeremy went to ground and ARKS breathed again. The green pack drove ARKS scrum off their own ball and Jared gave it to ‘T’ who carried it well. As he ran out of space, he fed Jeremy who took off like he was being chased by the devil. He made 50 metres before ARKS managed to stop him. James took the ball from the breakdown and fed it to Bailey, who ploughed into the ARKS defence and set it up again. Quick hands got it to Jeremy, who ran the try in. Jordan converted again.


ARKS drop out didn’t go 10 metres and Wanneroo got the scrum feed on the halfway. Jared fed “T’, who linked up with Brayden, then Jordan & Jeremy carried the ball on, followed by Ethan & Scott who made more ground. Rob then made another bullocking run before presenting the ball back in the tackle. Jared slipped it to Nemo who relished in the physicality before popping the ball to Jordan. He finished off these champagne phases of rugby with another try. Jordan converted his own try.


ARKS pulled out all the stops and tried some big hits, but Wanneroo’s defence was unwavering. A crunching tackle by birthday boy replacement Justin Talemaira typified their attitude. Forwards Rob, Marcus and Scott combined to release Jordan, who chipped the ball into Arks 22. ARKS got the lineout throw but wasted it. At another ARKS line out, Darcey went high and spoiled their throw. The ball was sent to Ethan who gave Jandals a run. He laid the ball back in the tackle and it went out to Ethan again. He jinked and passed to Jordan, who stepped in and out of would-be tacklers before flicking a back of the hand pass to Bailey, who ran another try in. Jordan converted.


The demolition derby resumed with a combined display of team and individual skills by the Roo Dogs. Skinny made a weaving run that ended with Ethan kicking the ball to ARKS left wing. Wanneroo’s chasers pressured ARKS into a turnover ball that Ethan took on. When he got held, Luke, Scott and Rob took turns to drive forward before releasing the ball for Jeremy. He ran in and planted the ball for another try that was converted by Jordan.


ARKS drop out ball was caught by James, but his attempted pass to Rob went to ground. ARKS got the scrum feed, but they got destroyed by a humungous shove from the Dogs. Somehow they managed to scramble the ball out of the chaos, only for the ref to penalise them. The ever-alert Jordan took a quick tap & go and burst through ARKS defence. His progress was stopped illegally and the ref penalised ARKS. This time Ethan had a quick tap & go and scored another try that Jordan converted.


ARKS fronted up again, but Wanneroo had them in a stranglehold. The Roo Dogs massacred the Reds scrum and they got the ball out to Jordan who made a superb break. His scintillating run, wrong footed three defenders and took him into space before he passed to Skinny. He finished off with a try that Jordan converted.


By now Wanneroo had most of their bench players on the field. So, it was probably inevitable that the game became a little ragged and fragmented for a few minutes. ARKS tried them out with some physical attacks, but Wanneroo’s young guns were just as strong as their elder statesmen had been. Luke led the way with a couple of big hits. ARKS were awarded two scrum feeds, but the Dogs pack destroyed both. ARKS dragged the ball out of the second melee and tried to sling it wide, but Bailey read it perfectly, took the intercept and ran 40 metres to score. Jordan converted again.


Darcy spoiled an ARKS line out throw, enabling Luke to get the ball out to his backs. Jordan sliced through several defenders before sending a pinpoint kick to his right wing where Skinny was lurking. He gathered the ball and ran it in for another score out wide. Jordan’s long kick missed.


ARKS had bust a gut but hadn’t been able to find a way into the game. Then suddenly they had a purple patch of play where they made several good runs that got them into Wanneroo’s 22. Unfortunately for them Wanneroo resumed normal service, regained possession and made a quick break up their right wing where Bailey scored a runaway try. Jordan kicked the extras again.


Wanneroo picked up where they left off and dictated the terms. Brayden made a powerful run before passing to Ethan who fed Jandals on the burst. He raced on before giving an overhead pass to Justin Talemaira, who finished off beautifully with another five pointer. Jordan’s conversion missed.


To their credit, ARKS continued to chase a lost cause. They won their own drop out ball and took the game to Wanneroo. Although they toiled valiantly for 8 phases they couldn’t crack the Wanneroo defence. They earned the dubious award of a scrum feed and shocked everybody when they managed to hold the shove instead of being marmalised. They ran the ball for another three phases and it looked ominous when their gargantuan prop lined up the slender frame of Mike Lovie. Mike stopped him dead.

ARKS revved up again and had a brief foray up their right wing - until Justin took the ball carrier out. They were awarded another scrum in the midfield, but this time they got mangled and driven backwards. The ref gave them another penalty and they charged forward again, only to be halted by the unyielding green defence. Their last hurrah came to an end when they got penalised. Ethan took it quickly, broke to his right and drew the defence before feeding Jordan who finished his amazing day with another try that he converted.


What a score fest for Wanneroo today. Congratulations Jordan Gratton on scoring 38 points.

One other pleasing aspect of today’s game was that our young players showed that they are genuine prospects for the future.

The junior club has done a wonderful job in nurturing and developing them and the senior coaching staff have rewarded them by showing faith in their ability.

It bodes well for Wanneroo.

Today was young Justin Talemaira’s 17th birthday. Great to see him celebrate it with a first grade try at such a young age. Well done Justin.

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