Bill's Match Report: Wanneroo v Nedlands at Kingsway 22nd June 2019

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Wanneroo v Nedlands: Round 12 at Kingsway 22nd June 2019


1 Andre Roux

2 Scott Cornell

3 Thomasi (TJ) Vunivalu

4 Elliott Ferriman (c)

5 Seta (Rob) Fano

6 Olly Callan

7 John-Martin Stewart

8 Mark Cornell

9 Reece Anapu

10 Ethan Reilly

11 Broden

12 Steve Nolson

13 Grason Makara

14 Graham Hunter

15 Cory Tearoa

Today we saw another Wanneroo player achieve his 100 game premier grade milestone.

A fantastic achievement that is even more special, because SCOTT CORNELL has played 100 CONSECUTIVE games. For a front rower to go so long without missing a game through injury, illness or loss of form is testimony to his fitness, strength, resilience, skill and determination.

Congratulations and thank you Scott, from all at Wanneroo Rugby Club.

Wanneroo edged out Associates by the narrowest of margins for a heart stopping win last week, and it was testament to the Dog’s outstanding defence that they were able to hang in for the win. Today’s game is another step up in level when they host second placed Nedlands.

The Roo Dogs took the field without captain Andrew King and winger Joe Bajjada, who were both on the injured list.

After Ethan Reilly kicked off for the Roo Dogs, the forwards followed up and tore into Nedlands with a vengeance. Nedlands were rocked, but survived the initial onslaught and managed to break out of their half. Some strong running and good support play enabled them to get into Wanneroo’s 22, where they encountered fierce resistance by the Dogs. The teams exchanged pleasantries and traded a few big hits, before the ref stopped play to have a chat to both captains.

Neddies continued their powerful, hit & run style but Wanneroo’s tackle line matched them and stifled their play. Neddies set up a driving maul from a line out about 10 metres from the Wanneroo try line. The Dogs did well to stop it and their efforts earned the men in green a scrum feed. The resulting play saw both sides kick for territory, without creating any significant advantage. Wanneroo fielded a high kick and worked their way back into Neddies 22, where the ref penalised the blues for a neck high tackle. Ethan put the ball through the sticks for the opening score.

Wanneroo 3 – Nedlands 0

Ethan sent the restart ball into the Blues 22. They replied with a clearance kick to half way that gave Wanneroo the line out throw in. Wanneroo seemed to have a communication problem because the ball sailed over the top of the jumpers into the hands of Neddies scrum half. The visitors drove their way forward, but the Dogs tackled well and Scott Cornell was prominent with two massive hits. Neddies couldn’t crack the defence, but they did force the Dogs into conceding a penalty in their own 22 for no arms in the tackle. The ref subsequently reversed the penalty and gave a yellow card to the Nedlands full back for using his knee at the breakdown.

Wanneroo should have been in the driving seat with Nedlands down to 14 men, but it didn’t turn out that way. Their ball carriers were not only stopped by Neddies, the blues regained possession and made their way back into Wanneroo’s red zone. Olly Callan put in a beaut tackle that stopped one ball carrier in his tracks and his big hit was emulated by another three Wanneroo tacklers, one after the other. Nedlands accepted the challenge and gave as good as they got. There was no place in the trenches for anybody who didn’t relish the physical side of this game. Mark Cornell spilt a bit of claret and was blood binned. Neddies depleted team was awarded a scrum shortly afterwards. The scrums had been fairly even, but Nedlands managed to drive the ball over the line for a try. The conversion kick missed.

Wanneroo 3 – Nedlands 5

Captain, Elliott Ferriman, set the example for his team when he slammed into Neddies ball catcher after the drop out. His hit disrupted their organisation and earned a scrum feed for Wanneroo. A good opportunity went begging when the ball was fumbled at the back of the scrum. Neddies swooped on the loose ball and ran it at Wanneroo. They made ground but the Dogs defended well and it resulted in a bit of too & fro play. Wanneroo lacked cohesion and direction when in possession and Nedlands gradually began to get the upper hand. Reece Anapu picked up an injury and was replaced by Tane Koteka. The Roo Dogs tried hard, but just couldn’t create any go-forward play. Every move seemed to go laterally, making it relatively easy for Nedlands to close play down. Progress was negligible for the home side.

Nedlands left winger got the ball in a bit of space and beat Broden on the outside. He did a lovely chip & chase over the Dog’s cover, that saw the ball roll into the Dogs 22. A try scoring opportunity was on the cards, until Steve Nolson covered across, dropped on the ball and slid into touch with it. Nedlands ran the resulting line out ball quickly and the move earned them a penalty in the middle of the park, about 15 metres from the try line. Wanneroo was under the pump and it got worse for them when John-Martin Stewart was yellow carded for a deliberate offside. Neddies opted for a scrum, but their tactic backfired when Wanneroo out-scrummed them and pinched the ball. The ref rubbed salt into their wound by penalising them into the bargain.

Ethan kicked for touch and the Dogs had several hit ups, but they couldn’t penetrate and eventually turned the ball over. Nedlands ran it out of their danger zone into the other half of the paddock. There was probably less than a minute to go for half time when the ref’s whistle went for a penalty to Nedlands for a high tackle by Wanneroo about 20 metres out from their try line. The penalty kick was successful.

Wanneroo 3 – Nedlands 8

HALF TIME: Wanneroo 3 – Nedlands 8

Nedlands restarted with a long drop out that was caught by Cory just in front of his try line. He had time to kick for touch, but chose to run and tried a goosestep to evade the tacklers. He made it past the first one, got caught by the second one and the ref pinged him for not releasing. Nedlands kicked for the line out, but made a complete a**e of it when the ball skewed off the kicker’s boot. It bobbled around inside Wanneroo’s 22, waiting for someone to claim it. Neddies reacted first, got there and spun it out quickly to their left. Wanneroo’s normally impeccable tackle line had a hole in it a mile wide. Nedlands strolled through untouched for a try. The conversion was unsuccessful.

Wanneroo 3 – Nedlands 13

The Roo Dogs were giving everything they had, but it just wasn’t happening for them and they were becoming disjointed and anxious. The coaching staff made positional changes by bringing Chris Palmer on at full back and moving Cory to the wing. Shortly afterwards, Jake Smith, came on at prop.

Nedlands had Wanneroo under pressure and pinned in their own half. The Dogs had resumed normal service and tightened their tackle line, but that’s where they spent most of their time. Nedlands unrelenting drives earned them a scrum feed about 15 metres from the Dogs try line. When the ref penalised the home side for a misdemeanour in the set piece, Nedlands took a quick tap & go and scored. The conversion was successful.

Wanneroo 3 – Nedlands 20

Wanneroo were hurting and playing below their best and they needed a bit of inspiration. Scott Cornell stood tall and showed why he has played 100 premiership games. He took a pass on the run, put his head down and charged straight at the opposing pack. The Neddies forwards had him lined him up for some big hits, but Scott smashed them out of the way one after the other before laying the ball off. He must have had some effect, because Neddies play started to become fragmented. Where they had been organised and dictating the terms of the game, they became disorganised and started making unforced errors with ball in hand. The difference between the two teams was that Neddies errors weren’t in their own half of the field, so their mistakes didn’t cost them too much.

Wanneroo had a bit of a resurgence and started to make headway, with John-Martin Stewart and Olly Callan both standing out. Nedlands were forced to hang on to the ball in a ruck, and got penalised for it. Wanneroo took the line out option and used their throw in ball to take play into Neddies 22 with multiple, aggressive driving runs. Neddies, once again, had to resort to hanging onto the ball to stop them. The ref rewarded their No 8 with a yellow card for his efforts and Wanneroo kicked for a line out. A pinpoint throw, perfect catch and powerful drive saw by the pack resulted in Jake Smith ploughing his way through the blue’s for a try. The conversion missed.

Wanneroo 8 – Nedlands 20

For the second time in the match Wanneroo had a numerical advantage. The drop out ball seemed to be well caught by Tane inside his own 22, but it went to ground at the last second and the ref awarded a scrum to Nedlands. Wanneroo got penalised at the put in and Nedlands took a quick tap & go. A try looked to be inevitable, until Olly popped up and drove the ball carrier backwards. The visitors camped on the Dogs try line for the next five or six phases without being able to make any progress. The impasse was eventually broken after Neddies constant pressure resulted in a scrum with their feed. The number 8 (recently returned from his enforced sojourn) picked the ball from the base and went right. He committed the defending flanker before popping the ball to his half back on the outside. He fed his full back who was in close support, and just when it looked like they might break through again, Wanneroo managed to plug the hole. Unfortunately, it was only a brief respite because Nedlands moved quick ball from the tackle to their midfield and they scored a converted try.

Wanneroo 8 – Nedlands 27

FINAL SCORE: Wanneroo 8 – Nedlands 27

It was a very disappointing and unhappy day for Wanneroo and for centurion Scott Cornell. We all wanted to see his wonderful achievement celebrated with a home win, but it wasn’t to be.

Although they started well and were very competitive in the early part of the game, the Roo Dogs gradually fell away and didn’t achieve their potential. After the first half hour or so, they spent long periods stuck in their own 22 and what limited possession they got wasn’t well used. They didn’t kick enough to turn Neddies around and get them back into their own half, and most of the kicks they did get in were relatively easily taken by Nedlands.

But the young Wanneroo team tackled well for most of the game and, more importantly, they didn’t fold when the going got tough. On the plus side, they had enough positive phases of play to demonstrate that they have the potential to compete successfully at the highest level. They aren’t too far away from the top of the ladder teams.


No Report


Elliott said he thought his team was in the mix for the first 30 minutes, but they didn’t use their numerical advantage when Nedlands got yellow carded. He felt the game gradually swung in Nedlands favour just before half time and it stayed that way throughout the whole of the second half. He was proud of his team because they stuck it out and never gave up.

Man of the Match – Scott Cornell


SECOND GRADE: Wanneroo 20 – Nedlands 34

No report

THIRSTY THIRDS: Associates 48 - Wanneroo 5

Coach Paul Arnold said this was the clash of the titans, with two undefeated teams vying for ascendancy. He was very pleased that the guys stuck to their game, maintained the goals they set at start of season and came away with the win.

Captain Bryce’s team mates gleefully pointed out that he laid down the law to them at half time when he said “There will be no back chat to the ref”. So who got the team marched 10 metres for backchat to the ref in the second half? Nuff said!

Apparently, happy hooker Carl had taken so many anti inflammatory tablets before the game, it resulted in him going limp and having to lie down for regular rests around the field. He was eventually substituted when he fell asleep in the scrum and started crying for his mum.

FLATULENT FOURTHS: Wanneroo 15 – Nedlands 0

Ian (Mad Dog) Harvey said “Scott may have played 100 games, but he hasn’t achieved my pinnacle of success”. I’m proud to say that I’ve now gone more than 100 minutes without copping a yellow card.

Neil (Biggles) Sutcliffe’s team mates said he had dropsy for most of the game and compounded his failure to hang onto the pill by constantly falling over.

Jamie Perry played a whole game without whinging.

Player of the day: Dean de Villiers

LADIES: Wanneroo 17 – Kalamunda 15

Pare said Kalamunda are the toughest team they play. They are well organised, competitive & give 100% at all times. She was pleased that the Wanneroo ladies processes worked well and they were able to score from them.

Brook had great stats for her play. She ran on, had one hit up and knocked on immediately.

Ladies Player of the day: Pod Tui

Bill Watt

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