Bill's Match Reports 2021

Wanneroo v Curtin University at Kingsway 15th May 2021


1 Marcus Cutler

2 Scott Cornell

25 Maui Te Tana

4 Luke Burnett

6 Kyle (Bones) Seears

17 Hanno Van de Merwe

7 Darcy Hinckley

8 Mark Cornell (C)

9 Rob Stortz

10 Ethan Riley

11 Jaylen Grey

12 Jordan Gratton

13 Grason Makara

14 Rick Le Roux

15 Jeremy Wallace


3 Andre (Beats) Roux

5 James Brown

19 Braden Karangaroa

20 Jordan Templeton

21 Sylvo Iro

22 Nathan Tahu

23 Jared Deacon

A long injury list and the unavailability of several first-choice players gave coach Ian Armitage a challenging time in selection this week. But on the positive side, it gives some of our younger players an opportunity to display their wares. It also showcases the wonderful camaraderie and club spirit within our senior playing group, with veterans Kyle (Bones) Seears and Sylvo Iro both stepping up to fill the breach. Bones played for the premiers last week and showed that he still has what it takes by being voted player of the day. Both guys have been top line players for many years and they still have the goods. They have earned the right to take it easy and enjoy themselves in the lower grades, but will never let their mates down. It is another wonderful opportunity for our young players to play alongside them and see how and why the best are the best.

Curtin are still looking for their inaugural win this season, but you wouldn’t have known it by the way they came out of the blocks. Their fierce driving play in the opening minutes forced the Roo Dogs into conceding a penalty, which the visitors successfully converted. The students were on the board.

Wanneroo 0 – Curtin 3

Wanneroo was stung into action and responded with some powerful running that took them into Curtin’s 22. The ref awarded a penalty that Ethan kicked for touch. The Dogs pulled a long winded, convoluted line out move that seemed to confuse them more than it did Curtin. Eventually, Scott chucked the ball low to the front of the line and the pack drove it on. After three hit ups, it went out to the backs, but it was fumbled and Curtin got a scrum feed about five metres out from their try line. Wanneroo was surprised when a powerful drive from Curtin sent them backwards and they dutifully gave the ball out for what should have been a routine clearance kick. Unluckily for them, Hanno Van de Merwe charged the ball down and Ethan Riley picked it up and ran over for a try. Jordan Grattan converted.

Wanneroo 7 – Curtin 3

Curtin came back hard, and their driving play forced the Dogs into conceding a penalty. They opted for a kick at goal and missed. Wanneroo was in the driving seat, but they seemed disjointed and weren’t playing to their potential. I don’t know what caused it, but they suddenly stepped up their level of play and tore Curtin apart. The forwards won quality ball and the backs used it perfectly. Jaylen attacked the out wide and sliced through the defence before slipping a beautifully timed pass to Grason Makara. He raced over for a try and Jordan added the points.

Wanneroo 14 – Curtin 3

Wanneroo were now hitting their straps and added to their score from a scrum on the halfway. Rob Stortz fed Jeremy Wallace, who bewildered the defence before releasing Grason, who crossed for a try. The three of them made it look slick and easy. Jordan converted the try.

Wanneroo 21 – Curtin 3

Curtin were brave and resilient but totally outclassed in most facets of play. The scrum was their only weapon, and they gave Wanneroo a tough time at the set piece. After one scrum, they drove the ball forward, recycled it quickly and gave it to their big number three on the crash. He barrelled his way through a couple of tacklers before releasing the his flanker, who ran onto it beautifully. He was heading for glory - until he got decked by Ethan. Wanneroo stole a Curtin line out ball and gave it to Maui. He smashed his way through several tacklers before the ball was sent out to the backline. Once again, the backs shone brightly when Grason and Jordan combined to run in another try. Jordan converted his own try.

Wanneroo 28 – Curtin 3

Curtin’s fly half kicked a high looping drop out that gave his forwards ample time to get to it. Bones called for it, caught it perfectly and collected several Curtin players at the same time. He did well to set the ball up and Scott Cornell showed his rugby nous by getting in to secure it. Marcus Cutler frightened the bejasus out of a Curtin player at their line out. The visitors had another line out in the Dog’s 22, but it was scrappy, and resulted in a scrum for them. They shunted the green pack and sent the ball went out to their fly half, who hurled a long pass to his left winger. Rick Le Roux hit him just as he got possession and the ball went loose. Jeremy grabbed it and took off like a cat with a firework up its bum. He raced 90 metres to score, and Jordan converted.

Wanneroo 35 – Curtin 3

Curtin toiled hard and when Wanneroo was penalised, they opted for a scrum. Their pack pushed Wanneroo back and the ball went out to their midfield. A potential attack was stopped by a crunching tackle courtesy of Darcy Hinckley and salt was rubbed into the wound when the ref penalised them. Another backline attack by Wanneroo ended with Jeremy running in a try from 30 metres. Jordan converted it.

Wanneroo 42 – Curtin 3

Bones took another clean drop out ball under pressure and Rob fed the lurking Maui, who barged through the defence. The breakdown ball was passed to Ethan who made good ground, then on to Grason, who created space before passing to Jeremy. He linked beautifully with Rob who crossed for another spectacular backline try. Jordan converted

Wanneroo 49 – Curtin 3


Wanneroo restarted with a long drop out by Ethan. Curtin gave all they had but the Dogs seemed unstoppable. The only chink in their armour was the scrum and Curtin wisely exploited it, when their No 8 ran from the base. He was held but laid the ball back well. Their fly half slung a wide pass which the receiver set up after he was tackled. Curtin took the ball on for four phases before feeding their winger, who cracked the greens defence. This was Curtin’s best passage of play by a long shot. They worked their way into the 22 but took some big hits doing so and eventually they coughed up the ball. Wanneroo got the scrum feed, got shunted again and the ref penalised them. Curtin took a quick tap & go that was wasted when they knocked on. Wanneroo got another scrum feed, where they were bulldozed and penalised again. The students took another quick tap and hit the ball up for three phases before another knock on destroyed their hard work. Maui was replaced by Andre ‘Beats’ Roux before the scrum, but Curtin still steamrollered the Dogs and were awarded a penalty. They had another tap & go and finally crashed over the try line. The ref seemed to signal a penalty to Wanneroo, but it wasn’t clear what for. The linesman spoke to the ref, who then awarded the try that Curtin had worked so hard for. The conversion attempt bounced off the post.

Wanneroo 49 – Curtin 8

After that minor setback, the Roo Dogs resumed normal service. They took a comfortable catch in their own 22, gave the ball to the pack and Beats carried it upfield to set the ruck. His backs did their thing again and Ethan finished off with another try that Jordan converted.

Wanneroo 56 – Curtin 8

A bad day got even worse for Curtin after the drop out. Replacement Sylvo Iro received a ball out wide and chipped it into Curtin’s 22 when he ran out of space. It bounced just out of Jaylen’s grasp, but Wanneroo took it on for three phases before sending it out to their left. Who was waiting there? None other than the lean, green scoring machine Kyle ‘Bones’ Seear. He trotted over nonchalantly for the try. The conversion missed.

Wanneroo 61 – Curtin 8

Wanneroo’s combination of the forward driving play and the backs running play continued. Braden Karangaroa made a break before setting up the ball for his backs. It went to Sylvo, who had a go up the right wing, committed the defenders and slipped the ball to Rick, who took off for the line. Rick drew the defence before returning the ball to Sylvo and the grand old man strolled over for a classic try. Replacement, Nathan Tahu, converted from the sideline.

Wanneroo 68 – Curtin 8

Nathan was in action again almost immediately when he put a bruising tackle on a Curtin ball carrier and earned his team a penalty into the bargain. Wanneroo kicked for the line out and won their own ball which they gave to captain, Mark Cornell. He carried it abrasively and when he eventually got stopped ‘Bones’ took possession and his cohorts drove him to the try line before Curtin managed to stop them. Scott grabbed the ball, and with Jared up his clacker, he powered his way through a wall of defenders to score. He should be ashamed to admit that he needed a back to push him over the line. Curtin must have got upset because there was a short contretemps with handbags at five paces. Nathan converted.

Wanneroo 75 – Curtin 8

Luke Burnett (who had been involved all day) caught the drop out ball, set it up and it went out wide to the wing.

Curtin managed to stop progress and the ref awarded them a scrum feed. The green pack had been working hard to gain parity with Curtin’s scrum and it was paying dividends because the Dogs took a tight head. Mark Cornell broke from the base to attack the inside backs, but he lost the ball in contact. The ref set a new scrum on the halfway with a Curtin feed and Wanneroo pushed them back for the first time in the game. But the ref spoiled the celebrations when he penalised the green front row. Curtin kicked to Wanneroo’s 22, but stuffed up their own throw in, which allowed the Dogs to break out of their red zone. They ran beautifully with Nathan prominent twice and undeterred when he got shirtfronted. The Dog’s ball handling and passing was exceptional and when they fed Darcy he danced in & out of would-be tacklers to score. Nathan converted.

Wanneroo 82 – Curtin 8

Luke Burnett took the drop out ball again and drove into the defenders. Braden had a good run and set the ball perfectly at the breakdown, from where it was moved quickly to the backs for another attack. They put it through hands and who do you think was there, right in the middle of the backline?

None other than Andre ‘Beats’ Roux having a bludge.

Now we all know that forwards are regarded as knuckle draggers with large foreheads and not a lot of grey matter. Well, to everybody’s amazement, ‘Beats’ threw the most remarkable, perfectly timed, miss pass straight to Rick. He then fed the ball quickly to Sylvo, who mowed his way through several players for his second try of the day. The touchline conversion missed.

FINAL SCORE Wanneroo 87 – Curtin 8

Man of the Match – Luke Burnett


Second Grade Wanneroo 57 – Curtin 0

Third Grade Wanneroo 36 - Curtin 10

Flatulent Fourths Wanneroo 52 – Curtin 0

Ladies Wanneroo 49 – Kala 0

Bill Watt

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