Bill's U14 Finals Report


Wanneroo U14’s v Perth Bayswater U14’s

McGillivray Oval Saturday 17th October 2020


1 Ngatai Winiata

2 Peter Ranford

4 Max Thomson

5 Emile Van de Vyver

7 Riley Rae

8 Chris Jansen

9 Charlie Maher

10 Brodie Mainwaring

11 Jack Tween

13 Kade Davis

14 Henco Bylsma

15 Nicholas Schonfeldt

16 Tamarangi Tunui

17 Ken Ah Hong

18 Griffon Nicholay

19 Ryan McPherson

20 Declan Hewlett

21 Slesi Tatafu

22 Callum Riches

23 Andre Tahu

24 Sadira Hawea

25 Lucas Hill

Coach: Carl Lawson

Asst Coach: Kerry Davis

Asst Coach: Simon Thomson

Manager: Mel Davis

Asst Manager: Johan Schonfeldt

Following an opening joust that the teams used to test the waters, the ref awarded a scrum to Perth. The difference in size was between the two teams was considerable, with Perth having the advantage. They immediately showed their power with a heave that disrupted Wanneroo’s set piece and put the Roo Dogs under the pump. But the Wanneroo defenders gave a good account of themselves and forced Perth to concede a line out. The Roo Dogs used the line ball clinically, with their backs pulling two miss moves that enabled Sadira Hawea to take the ball and run up the wing into Perth’s 22. His team mates were in close support when he got caught and Perth had to give a penalty away to stop their progress. The Dogs hit the ball up again, but couldn’t penetrate Perth’s defence and had to settle for a scrum feed on the five metre line. Wanneroo’s scrum got bulldozed again and Charlie Maher got pinged for being too eager to get at his opposite number. Perth wasted their penalty opportunity and the Dogs were awarded another scrum in front of Perth’s posts. The green forwards had a bash at the line before releasing the ball to their backs, who attacked out wide on their left. They were held, but presented a quality ball that Peter Ranford grabbed to force his way over the try line for the first score of the day. Nicholas Schonfeldt’s conversion went agonisingly close

Wanneroo 5 – Perth Bayswater 0

On the resumption, Wanneroo’s backs made a probing run up their left wing before switching play to the middle of the park where Ken Ah Hong was waiting. Ken made an impressive break and when he got tackled he tried to offload to a support runner, but the pass was low and the ball got knocked on. Perth got a scrum feed on the half way and their backs ran the ball from it. They attacked through the midfield and the Dogs responded with some crunching tackles, but in their eagerness they bunched up in the midfield. Perth saw the space that had been left out wide and moved quick ball from the breakdown, to their left wing who ran in an unconverted try.

Wanneroo 5 – Perth Bayswater 5

Nicholas sent the drop out ball wide to the wing. Chris Jansen followed it and drove the catcher into touch for a Wanneroo line out. Perth’s jumper got hands to the throw in ball, spoiled the Dogs attack and the black forwards drove the ball forward for a couple of phases before unleashing their backs. They tried to make ground out wide on their left, but couldn’t penetrate Wanneroo’s excellent cover defence. The Dogs pressured Perth, reduced their options and forced them to use crash ball. It may not have been their preferred method of attack, but it worked in their favour when their punishing hit ups sucked in green defenders and once again created space out wide for their speedster. Perth gave him the ball at the right time and he ran in another unconverted try.

Wanneroo 5 – Perth Bayswater 10

The Roo Dogs chased their own drop out ball, but got penalised when the Perth catcher was hit in the air. It wasn’t malicious or deliberate, but it was illegal. Perth’s long touch finder missed and the ball was well taken by Ken, who counter attacked immediately. He ran beautifully and linked up with Chris Jansen who carried the ball strongly. Chris’s powerful run was eventually stopped on Perth’s 22, but his good work was undone when the ref penalised the Dogs at the breakdown. Perth kicked for the line and used the ball to attack through the middle of the park. Somehow, Wanneroo stole the ball and gave it to Charlie Maher, who made a sniping run that ripped through the black’s defensive line. Griffon Nicholay was in close support, but he got caught by the Black’s tacklers and the impact dislodged the ball. Fortunately it went backwards and Wanneroo’s support runners recovered it for another foray into Perth territory. Charlie and Brodie Mainwaring combined to take play forward and Wanneroo were looking really good, until the ref saw a green infringement and gave a penalty to Perth. The men in black took a quick ‘tap and go’, but their forward momentum was slowed by the Dogs well organised tackle line. Charlie won a turn over ball and fed it out to Brodie, who had a dash. He set a good ball up when he got tackled and the Roo Dogs carried it on in successive, aggressive waves of play. From one phase, Brodie gave the ball to Nicholas who tried to chip it behind Perth’s back line. Unluckily for him, Perth’s flyer got it and ran 80 metres to score - totally against the run of play. Salt was rubbed into the wound, when the try was converted.

Wanneroo 5 – Perth Bayswater 17

Wanneroo’s drop out ball didn’t go 10 metres, but Perth opted to play on. Not a great idea because the Roo Dogs took the ball off them and attacked up their left wing. Nicholas committed Perth’s defence, fed Max Thomson on the charge and he passed to Brodie, who had loomed up in support outside him. Their enterprising and hard working play took them into Perth’s 22, before they got closed down. Perth couldn’t resist diving into the breakdown where they got penalised for hanging on. Both teams had attacking opportunities, but nullified each others efforts and the ref blew for half time.


During the half time huddle, coach Carl Lawson told his team that they were making all the play, but behind on points because Perth was feeding off their mistakes.

He urged them to cut the mistakes out, trust their system and play to their true potential.

Western Force player Brynard Stander also gave the team some good practical advice.

The second half saw Perth make a faux pas with the ball when they were pressured by the green chasers. The ref awarded a scrum feed to the Dogs. Charlie gave the ball out quickly, but a wild pass saw it sail overhead and drop behind the back line. The Dogs did really well to get back, recover the ball and set up another attack. Ngatai Winiata, Slesi Tatafu and Riley Rae combined to break through Perth’s defensive line before releasing Nicholas on the burst. The passages of play that followed, saw the Dogs settle into a calm rhythm and build phases that enabled them to advance into Perth’s red zone and attack their try line. Henco Blysma had a powerful run, fended off a would-be tackler and made it to within a metre of the try line before being held. Perth managed to get their hands on the ball and hoof the ball into touch and Wanneroo got the line out. The Roo Dogs showed great composure and attitude with the forwards making three controlled hit ups that earned them another line out and throw in. This time, they made four more punishing drives before Nicholas got the ball and barged his way towards the line. When he got slowed, Jack Tween was on hand to finish the job and claim the five pointer. It was a fitting reward for the Roo Dogs well organised structure and support, as demanded by Coach Carl. Nicholas conversion attempt fell just short.

Wanneroo 10 – Perth Bayswater 17

Wanneroo was on fire and followed up their try with another barnstorming team run, but their enthusiasm got the better of them and they got pinged for hanging onto the ball in the ruck. This setback only seemed to stir them to greater efforts because the forwards stole Perth’s throw in and gave it to Charlie. He moved it rapidly to Henco, who took off on a scintillating run for the try line, where he plonked the ball down under the black dot. Nicholas added the bonus points.

Wanneroo 17 – Perth Bayswater 17

The Roo Dogs seemed unstoppable and continued to pressure Perth into making mistakes. Ken Ah Hong was given a ball from a line out and ran it strongly to set up his team in the middle of the park. The men in black were doing well to absorb the relentless pressure, but another score seemed inevitable - and it wasn’t long in coming. Perth tried a front of the line move with their hooker taking a return pass from his ball catcher. It was impressive, but so was the hit that flattened him (sorry, but I didn’t see who the tackler was). Wanneroo then built a great platform that enabled their backs to put the ball so quickly through the hands, that it deceived the Perth defenders. Charlie took an inside pass on the loop, beat two defenders and crossed to finish off another excellent team try. The conversion just slid wide.

Wanneroo 22 – Perth Bayswater 17

The restart drop out saw both sides make errors with the ball and the ref awarded a scrum feed to Perth. The Dogs combined surge splintered the black’s scrum, but their No 8 did a brilliant job to scramble the ball out and save his team. Wanneroo was pushing forward and getting into Perth’s faces at every opportunity, and their combined efforts earned them a scrum feed. They used the platform to create a superb midfield break, and finished it off with a precision chip kick into Perth’s 22. But for a brief moment they lost their composure and the ball at the breakdown. This gave Perth a rare attacking opportunity and their full back took his chance to have a gallop. He didn’t get too far. Wanneroo were in control and it seemed they just had to wind the clock down for a win. The Green Machine stole a Perth line out ball and spun it out quickly to Sadira Hawea, who ran hard and made good ground before being tackled into touch on the half way. Perth played a two ball off the top of the line out to their inside backs, who ran straight and hard. The Dogs defenders tackled well, but Perth retained possession and tried their luck down their right wing. Wanneroo did well to win a turn over ball at the breakdown and give it out for a clearance kick. But the kick dropped short and one of Perth’s outside backs grabbed the ball, put his head down and went for the line. He ran strongly and shrugged off a despairing Wanneroo tackle to score a totally unexpected and unearned try in the corner to level the scores. The Roo Dogs were stunned by the sudden turn of events and even more stunned when Perth’s kicker drove the long range conversion kick straight between the uprights. Wanneroo gave their all to get another score, but father time wasn’t on their side and the ref blew for no time. It was a cruel way for the Dogs to finish their season.


Coach Carl Lawson gathered his team together after the game and told them he was proud of them. He said these things happen in Rugby and they should take the loss with grace. Such experiences will enable them to learn and grow and will ultimately make them better players and better people. Well said Carl. The boys, and the club, realise they have a coach of quality.

Players of the day:

Carl said he couldn’t separate Ken Ah Hong and Chris Jansen. C

They are joint players of the day.

Congrats Ken & Chris

This was a wonderful game, played in good spirit by both sides. The skills and teamwork of both teams was of a very high standard and belied the young age of the players. It’s so easy to forget that they are U14’s when they put together such entertaining, quality play. Today’s game was a showpiece of rugby at its best. I look forward to seeing these wonderful young men come through the grades to represent Wanneroo at the highest level. Who knows, there may be a future Force or Wallaby player in the making.

I apologise for not being able to name all the players who contributed to a wonderful game. But I don’t know the guys personally and it was really difficult to see the white numbers on a white background on their playing jerseys. Suffice to say there wasn’t a Wanneroo player who didn’t contribute or give his all to the game. They are all champions in my opinion.

Bill Watt

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