Updated: Feb 1, 2019

2018 was a great year, three new cups in the trophy cabinet (along with old Norm), semi finals and finals galore, a strong Touch season rumbling into life and a great bunch of players still loyal to the club and the badge. Long may it continue!!

For next year we are looking to give a little back, to help motivate you all to push harder, and achieve more in the green and white hoops!

Our 2019 Campaign

Calling all Prems and 2's we need you all and more back down this year - we want more success and more trophies next year - lets start building on 2018 with a huge turn out at pre-season and other camps - watch the pages for details. I am also looking for senior players wanting to give back to the club - do you fancy some coaching qualifications, and some light duties assiting our junior coaching crew? Reach out to myself or Carla for details on how to get signed up. We will work around your 1st grade commitments.

We are also launching a big drive to grow the ladies comp - we are looking to build an 18's womans team to provide support for the mighty Divaz. So again calling all women in the Roodog family - get the word out, there is silverware out there with your names on it, and we at the club are fully behind helping you go steal it.....

Calling all thirsty thirds - we need you back fitter and stronger next season, not only do we have a cup to defend, but we will be facing the full wrath of the Kala boys wanting to get Norm back into their trophy cabinet - where they think he belongs. I think old Norm has looked perfectly comfortable where he is - and its up to you all to keep him there.

Finally - Get the word out - the Roodogs want to be fielding a fourth grade again this year - the mighty Stumpy is already locked in to coach us - so lets get all the old old boys back that have drifted away over the last few seasons - the P.I.S.S.S. and Skullduggery Cups will once again be on the line :)

Support for player fitness, conditioning and safety

We've commissioned a new dedicated first aid and strapping room off the First grade change room, We will be introducing full player health and concussion monitoring, and are building a strong first aid team to look after all of our players in 2019.

Please note we need to report all injuries, especially head injuries and suspected concussions to the club from now on, we will be building profiles on all our players to ensure we know how you are doing over the long term as well as the short.

As a part of that you can expect some fairly robust and frank conversations around player conditioning and general match fitness, and what you need to be doing to get where you need to be. More on that in coming weeks, but you have been warned :)

We are putting more funds into the Gym, expect more cardio kit and a new focus on crossfit type exercise - we are working to make the gym a more enjoyable experience for all our players

Upgrades to the club

We are refurbishing the canteen this season, it has done us proud over the years, but now we need to improve our health standards and food quality as we start to cater for bigger crowds, and a wider spread of clientele.

We are giving the bar a face lift, some lighter colours and lighting, and an all new Cold room thanks to Kev from Allied Air - so the beer will continue to be ice cold for many years to come.

Other changes you may or may not notice, but we are updating club systems across the board, looking to get our base services ready for more modern services in coming seasons.

Our online presence

Expect a new website and Facebook campaigns this year, and hopefully easier ways to get in touch and get heard, and a full and permanent merging of the senior and junior clubs into one mighty Roodog army - Beware the Green :).......

We are always looking for volunteers, in coaching, in management and in the office - anyone with some time to spare that would like to join the army please let myself, Andy or Carla know next time you are in the club rooms.

So let's make the 2019 season the best one yet - we have the buzz and the players, and the club has that old pound feel back - all we need now is you, those old boots and another tub of deep heat... See you all at pre season...

Looking to join the club?

We warmly welcome new members to the club. Please see contact details below:

Junior Registrations

Senior Registrations

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