Mighty Divaz reign over the Kweens

The Wanneroo Divaz played the Kalamunda Kweens in a fiercely fought final. Rivalry ensured that it was always going to be an almighty contested game by both sides.

Kalamunda started really well and had Wanneroo under the pump inside their own 22 the majority of the first half. When we managed to get into our half, we played it safe and opted for points. Luckily, Tui Cope can remain cool, calm and collected and slotted both shots straight through the posts, however, we were behind for 99% of the game. Just before half time, Brooke Mason scored in the far left-hand side, however, proving a kick hard to convert for even the most talented. We went into half time with the score Wanneroo Divas 11 – Kalamunda Kweens 19.

Early in the second half, the Kweenz threw everything they had at us. However, the Divaz defence took every challenge and proved hard to break. This lead to Brooke Mason’s second try. This took the score to Wanneroo Divas 16 – Kalamunda Kweens 19. Bodies quickly started to tire and this allowed a penalty to Kalamunda under the posts. They took the kick and increased the score to Wanneroo Divaz 16 – Kalamunda Kweens 22. It was a game of back and forth but in the final 5 minutes, we took a tap and go and attacked out wide on their wing and after three consecutive power hits we created a gap for Tui. She had no hesitation in going through it and slammed the ball down to finish off a well-worked team try. This took the score to Divaz 21 - Kweenz 22. Tui was ecstatic, but she showed great professionalism again, to calm herself and prepare for the conversion attempt. She coolly sent the ball straight through the middle of the posts and the Divaz were ahead. Wanneroo Divaz 23 – Kalamunda Kweens 22.

It was an exhilarating game and we were absolutely exhausted afterwards, but there was no better way, a final should have been played.

Written by Pareana Taitoko

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